Jugenderholungsheim Ottendorf
Built in 1929 as the first German Holiday center for the working youth, Ottendorf is a unique architectural creation in the superb landscape of Saxon Switzerland. It was created by Kurt Bärbig, one of the most forward-thinking architects of the times. Throughout its history, Ottendorf has always been a place for a frsh start, a place for leisure, learning discoveries and life transformations.

» The building has a long life. It has outlived most of its initial functions and therefore it should now have a different purpose, with beauty being its sole feature that remains unchanged through times. «
Mies van der Rohe

Assembly hall, water tower and guest wing
Ottendorf is a natural merger between a landscape and architecture, between the functionalism of the Bauhaus and the classical shape, between modern technologies and spatial solutions inspired by the Greek gymnasiums and ancient monasteries.
Working Youth Holiday Center Ottendorf
Possible functions:
innovative kitchen;
corporate residence;
public residence;
private residence;
company headquarters;

Land plot:
13 hectares

4 000 m²
Development area:
30 000 m²

Agricultural land plot:
100 000 m²
Water tower
Dining terrace
Courtyard, view of the administration room and bastion
Yard, view of the fireplace room