6. Спонсоры и меценаты
Sponsors and philantropists
» The building that perfectly embodies its purpose was constructed at minimal cost. «
Kurt Bärbig 1929

The furnishing and equipment of the building was undertaken by the state and regional organizations from Saxony, by city authorities, unions and companies. The list of those stakeholders as well as their donations are but another evidence of the Holiday center's public relevance alongside with its state-of-the- art equipment.

The first Holiday center for the German youth was built under tight financing. It took the project of 17 hectares of forest with a private house on the Endlerkuppe hill only 22 500 Reichsmarks.

The funds for the land purchase and Holiday center construction have been raised widely. The Insurance society of Saxony land, German society of labor insurance and the Ministry of Labor of Germany provided the mortgage. A significant part of the budget was raised by the two lotteries in 1927 and 1929. They were co-organized by the Committee for Youth Affairs of Saxony and the Saxonian branch of the Union of youth holiday centers. The budget was also replenished through mortgages, borrowings and donations.

The lionshare of furnishing and equipment has been provided or funded by sponsors. A special Union to support the Youth holiday centers in Saxony was established. The Holiday center in Ottendorf was the first one in its kind. In 1929 the Union was comprised of 45 local Medical Insurance societies, 25 industrial organizations, 13 societies of worker's insurance, 6 community unions, 13 unions and organizations as well as individual members. The minimal membership fee for the individuals amounted to 5 Reichsmarks per year, for organizations- 20 marks annually.
Insurance society of Kemnitz
Radio broadcasting

Insurance society of Dresden
Furnishing of «family unit» for 20 persons

German Trade Unions, Saxonian Land
Library and a reading room equipment

General Confederation of German Trade Unions, local committee in Dresden
Epidia projector with a microscope, optical unit and a table

Ministry of Labor and Social Relations of Germany
Dining hall and assembly hall equipment

Kurt Bärbig's architectural studio
Guest room equipment

Community Union Amtshauptmannshaft, city of Hemnitz
Equipment for the activity room

Community Union Amtshauptmannshaft Glauchau in cooperation with Lichtenstein- Callenberg city administration and village councils of Oberlungwitz, Hohndorf and Remse
Equipment for one of the rooms in the tower

Community Union Amtshauptmannshaft in Leipzig
Two single rooms

German Union of Wood processors, branch of Saxonian land and the local department in Dresden
Equipping the wood processing workshop
German Union of Textile Industry
Equipment for the drill-hall

Medical insurance society, Bautzen

Movie projector

Union of German Railwaymen, Saxonian society for preventive healthcare, Dresden city administration
Furnishing of «family unit» for 20 persons

Freital city administration
Equipment for the activity room

Kamjenc city administration
Single room equipment

Flauen city administration
Equipment for one of the rooms in the tower
Sebnitz city administration
Equipment for the group leader's room

Union of district organizations
Equipment for the bookbinding workshop, printer and tailor workshop